eRegulations includes an illustrated user guide that explains its features — see this live on the CFPB eRegulations “About” page and the ATF eRegulations “About” page.

In more detail, some of the main features of the tool are:

  • While regulations are traditionally represented as monolithic blocks of text, they contain a great deal of embedded structure. eRegulations teases out that structure and uses it to present the text in a clean, readable form.

  • Inline interpretations

    Many regulation paragraphs have official interpretations that have traditionally been displayed at the end of the regulation, forcing readers to swap back and forth between the regulation content and interpretation at the end. eRegulations parses the interpretations for each paragraph, and displays them right under the paragraph/section being interpreted.

  • Definitions

    We highlight words that have been defined in the regulation, and the user can click on the word and see it’s definition without scrolling to the part of the regulation that defines that word.

  • Internal citations

    The parser parses out all internal citations in the regulation, and we display them as clickable links allowing easy navigation within a regulation.

  • We provide the ability to search for phrases across various versions of a regulation.

  • Alternate versions of the regulations

    Regulations are evolving documents and are often displayed as changes to the base text. We present whole versions of regulations for each set of changes (We combine Final Rules that have a common effective date into a version).

  • Comparing versions

    We show the difference between whole versions of regulations in a “redline” or word-by-word comparison view. All changes are expressed as additions (shown in green) or deletions (struck-through, lighter gray). This view clearly shows how a regulation changes.

  • Retrieve by effective date

    A user can also enter in a date, and retrieve the version of the regulation effective at that point in time.

  • Section-by-section analysis

    The notices that compose a version of the regulation contain relevant analyses of the altered sections. We automatically pull that information out and make it accessible while reading the regulation text.

  • Responsive design

    The application design is responsive, adjusting to the device and screen size of the user.

  • Comment on Proposed Rules

    Proposed rules published by the Federal Register can be imported into our clean interface, including displaying “redline” diffs of the proposed CFR changes. Users can then comment on specific paragraphs and sections of the proposal. Read More