eRegulations is a web-based application that makes regulations easier to find, read and understand. It is a work in progress by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and 18F. It is a public domain and open source work of the United States government.

Live instances

The application is typically hosted by individual federal agencies, with features and branding unique to their users and needs. Current instances of eRegs include:


See the illustrated guide to eRegulations features on its CFPB “About” page and its ATF “About” page.

More detail about the main features.

Code and documentation

Overview of eRegulations technology and repositories.

Open source and contributing

We invite contributions to any part of the application, from people inside and outside government. The project is in the public domain, and all contributions to it will be released as such. Learn more.

Theming an instance

How to theme an eRegulations site.

History, present, and future

We would like other agencies, developers, and groups to use eRegulations and adapt it. Here’s some insight into the current status of the project and where it’s going.

Introduction to regulations

If you’re interested in learning about eRegulations or contributing to its development, it helps to have some background in what regulations are and how they fit into the legal landscape of the United States. We wrote an informal guide.